3 Places To See LED Lighting In Action

LED Traffic Light

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Where do you see LED lighting? Do you use it at home? Do you see it at the hardware store? Do you use LED string lights during the holidays? Unless you’re a lighting fanatic or made a purchase yourself, you probably don’t look for LED lighting on a daily basis. Whether you notice it or not, LED lighting is showing up everywhere, including some truly unexpected places.

#1 Stadiums

With baseball season just around the corner, owners can look forward to keeping an entire stadium or massive scoreboards lit for 81 games throughout the season. Considering the capacity of an average stadium and the size of the biggest scoreboards, keeping all the lights lit is no small feat. Thankfully, LED lighting is there to help owners cut costs. Whether it’s lighting at the hot dog stand, the massive floodlights that light the field, or the aforementioned scoreboards, LED lighting is available to help owners save money for free agents.

#2 Traffic Lights

Though they’re a key part of traffic safety, you’re probably too busy driving past or stopping at traffic lights, to notice the LED technology at work. Each color, (red, green or yellow), in a LED traffic light consists of a number of small single colored LED lights. This design prevents full lighting failure since a single LED light burning out or shorting out will not disable the light as a whole.

LED traffic lights also add a large level of convenience for cities and towns looking to cut down on energy spending and maintenance costs, while increasing the light output.

#3 Space

The prospect of deep space exploration presents a very real dilemma: how to feed the astronauts.  Realistically even a mission to Mars would require some food to be grown on board. Enter LED lighting. Though NASA had been experimenting with LEDs for years, recent experiments have yielded amazing results. Not only were the scientists able to grow crops, they were also able to change the physiological properties of the plants based on the color of the light.  Lettuce and radishes grown under red and blue LED lighting for instance, had higher levels of antioxidants that combat cosmic radiation.

What’s another place you’ve seen LEDs in action.  Tell us in the comments section below!

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