Shine a Light on America’s Veterans


19.6 million – The number of United States military veterans reported in 2013. With Veteran’s Day on November 11th we seek to honor all who have served our great country by changing one light to green as a visible representation of our appreciation and support. As our nation stands to recognize these brave and heroic men and women we ask that you join TCP in the Greenlight A Vet Campaign to establish visible national support for our veterans in partnership with Walmart. Symbolizing hope, renewal and well-being, the color green and ‘greenlight’ is commonly used to activate forward movement. By taking the small action of changing one light to green #greenlightavet campaign can help spark the recognition of our nation’s hero’s.

Join TCP in support of our veterans and watch for our ‘Greenlight’ giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. Have a green light already glowing? Take a picture and post it on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #greenlightavet and don’t forget to tag #TCP too!


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Happy Halloween from TCP

Don’t get spooked by bad lighting this Halloween! There’s nothing scary about LED bulbs designed to last up to 22.8 years. From all of us here at TCP, we wish you a Happy Halloween!

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Change the world with ENERGY STAR

Change the world by participating in ENERGY STAR Day tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27th.  Join TCP and millions of others as we celebrate ENERGY STAR Day by making the pledge to save energy! Taking the pledge is simple, simply select from any number of the ENERGY STAR categories such as lighting, electronics, heating & cooling, to appliances & water heaters and more. Then add your name and email to complete your pledge.  By taking part in these energy saving actions in your workplace and home, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help protect our climate for the years to come.  Want to track your progress? No problem! Return back to the ENERGY STAR page to check off items on your to-do list and watch the percentages add up. Each change can make a BIG difference!

Stay tuned on social media to encourage others by using the hashtag #ENERGYSTARDay and join the ENERGY STAR Twitter party that afternoon from 2:00-3:00pm EDT! By making the commitment we can save more energy, money, and protect the climate with our actions.

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Common Household Lighting Mistakes


Most of us don’t really think too much about the lighting in our homes. Generally speaking, we get a lamp, screw in a bulb and ‘poof’ there’s light; but certain mistakes can cause any space to feel, well, off. Allow us to enlighten you with five common household mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Forgetting the dimmer switch – A lot of people dismiss dimmer switches. “Dimmers are the best kept secret of lighting design,” says Interior Designer Jeff Fiorito. Jeff believes they turn your lighting from day to night, can be the highlight of any event and can impact your mood. I personally love our dimmer switch in our child’s bedroom. We turn it up in the morning to get ready for school and turn it down for gentle and relaxing light before bedtime.
  1. Lighting from top to bottom – Installing overhead lights or table lamps can make a room too cozy, or too bright. Think in layers. Overhead lighting, like recessed lights, are great for ambient lighting when going about your day or hosting a party but won’t provide you the comfy, cozy light you’ll want when you’re curled up on the couch reading or watching a movie.
  1. Creating shadow people – Place a light in the wrong location and you create shadows on your face, make it difficult to cut vegetables in your kitchen or make it hard for your kids to do their homework. Solve these problems by installing sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror instead of a single light above, try a long fixture above to illuminate your entire face, install under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen space and add a desk lamp for detail-oriented tasks.
  1. Forgetting the paint color –Walls that are too dark in a room with not enough light will make a space feel like a dungeon. Repainting with a lighter color can have a dramatic effect on the feeling and lighting of a space; but if painting isn’t an option, refer to mistake 2 and remember to light your space in layers from top to bottom.
  1. Selecting the wrong sized fixtures – When choosing your room lights, especially chandeliers, it’s easy to make the common mistake of buying the wrong size fixture for your space. To find the right sizes chandelier, Wayfair design experts recommend adding the room’s height and width in feet. That number, in inches, should be the approximate diameter of your chandelier. In dining rooms, you should choose a chandelier that’s one foot smaller than the table’s narrowest width.

Do your house a favor and avoid these common mistakes and make your space the perfect place to be. Tell us about your lighting mistakes on our Facebook or Twitter.

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Improve Eating Patterns with TCP’s Big Breakfast

tcp cafeteriaRemember when you were a kid and your teacher advised eating a big breakfast before a test? I sure do. Eating was the only thing I liked doing before an exam. Little did I know that my peanut butter and banana sandwiches improved my focus.

Today, I’m reliving those moments of pure focus. It’s Friday morning and big breakfast day here at TCP. I built my own big breakfast around nutrient-dense foods, like protein rich eggs. TCP’s bright idea helps employees to live healthier lifestyles. Breakfast gets your metabolism going, and it makes you feel less hungry and more satisfied throughout the day. A win, win for everyone!

Food is what energizes our bodies, so it makes sense that our brains would be at peak performance after a satisfying meal in the morning. It helps stabilize blood sugars.

According to health journals, you can actually achieve significant weight loss results by just switching to a large breakfast rather than a big dinner. (Now I don’t feel so guilty for taking that extra scoop.) big breakfast

A professor from the Tel Aviv University and co-author of a study around this very topic says that the time of the day we eat can have a major impact on how we
process foods. In fact, appropriate meal timing is more important than calorie counting. Who knew?!

That’s why it’s all about health and wellness with employees like Jennifer Koudelka, a fellow marketing team member, and me. We enjoy loading our containers with potatoes, bacon, sausage and hot sauce. It improves our mood, because we’re not irritable and are ready to work. Something every colleague can appreciate.tcp employee and healthy living

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TCP – Winning in Worker Wellness!

That’s right. TCP is all about promoting wellness in the workplace. That’s why we were awarded one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America! And I must say that it’s an honor to be part of a company who takes wellness so seriously.Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

We were recognized for achieving lasting success by having an array of wellness initiatives and programs. Healthiest Employer, LLC measured our value through the propriety Healthiest Employer Index, which is a 1 to 100 metric for wellness programming. That’s pretty cool, huh? We were evaluated across six key categories by the firm –

  • Vision
  • Culture or engagement
  • Learning
  • Expertise
  • Metrics and technology

Rod Reasen, CEO of Healthiest Employer, said that “these organizations are leading the charge in worksite health and demonstrate a remarkable commitment to improve the lives of their workforce and community.”healthy vending machine

So, to be part of an organization that has been recognized for improving worker wellness makes me think twice about grabbing that Friday donut. Instead, I’ll take a long walk to our cafeteria and find a healthier option; perhaps, something from our health-friendly vending machine.

healthiest employer

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It’s a very exciting time here at TCP as we gear up for the upcoming holiday season and announce an incredible giveaway! We’ve partnered with ENERGY STAR® to showcase our extensive line of LED lightbulbs and their energy saving qualities in one HUGE sweepstakes. Running now through November, our Facebook page will highlight ways you can save by switching to ENERGY STAR LEDs and offer weekly giveaways of $100 worth of TCP LEDs.Promo Image_Twitter

With thousands of LED products out there it’s important to know that those that have earned the ENERGY STAR badge indicate a product that has been independently certified, undergone extensive testing, delivers on brightness and exceeds traditional lighting.

Find out more about ENERGY STAR LED lighting, click here and be sure to check out TCPs Facebook page weekly to enter to win $100 worth of ‪#‎TCPLED!

Have you upgraded your lighting to ENERGY STAR certified LED? If not, check out the video below to learn why you should choose ENERGY STAR bulbs.

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