Helpful Decorating Tips

No holiday would be complete without decorations. Something like table decorations can be costly and sometimes are difficult to match across the whole table setting, but the famous Martha Stewart has lots of great table decorations that you can make yourself. Here are Martha Stewart’s 39 festive Thanksgiving table settings that are DIY. Though, if you are tight on time for making decorations this still gives you great ideas for table settings. These are my favorite:

Top DIY Decorations

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Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Hosting and planning any kind of get together is stressful and can make people lose their mind. To help you host a great Thanksgiving and keep your stress level down we found these great tips on Real Simple.

Thanksgiving Feast


Some of the main tips may sound simple but they do require organization. Here are some tips we believe are most beneficial:

1. if people ask to bring something, suggest ice, you can never have too much

2. prep as much as you can ahead of time

Not only are these great tips and tricks to host an incredible Thanksgiving, they also include some festive drink recommendations.

Do you have some other tips on how to keep your Thanksgiving stress free?

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Who is that TCP Company?

Even though TCP has been involved in energy efficient lighting since 1993, many people still don’t know who we are or what we do.  With that in mind, we recently produced a short video that features our CEO, Ellis Yan, that gives viewers a peak into who TCP is.

Take a look:

At TCP we believe that light can change everything. We realize that you need bright, crisp light for when you are putting on your makeup and a soft, warm light when you are ready to curl up and read a book.  Our wide variety of LED lamps provides you with the perfect energy efficient lighting option at a sensible cost, to meet your very specific needs.

You might not know everything that TCP does, but hopefully you realize that We Know Light.

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Give Thanks, Get Connected

Thanksgiving is all about letting loved ones and people around you know that you are thankful for them and the things they do. To help celebrate Thanksgiving and get you in the giving spirit, everyday this week we are picking a winner on our Facebook page and giving them two Connected two bulb starter kits. You can keep one for yourself and give the other to someone to show them your appreciation. Or, if you are really in the giving mood give them both away to people you are thankful for.


Check back every day for another chance to get yourself and someone you are thankful for entered to win a Connected starter kit!

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What’s New with TCP

PrintWant to know what’s new with TCP? Here’s a quick award, company and event round up.

 Awards and Recognition:

 - TCP’s LED High Bay was selected as a product of the year finalist with Plant and Engineering Magazine. Cast your vote in the product of the year competition here.

- Connected by TCP was recently featured in Retail Me Not’s “17 Gifts for Men” Holiday Gift Guide. Check out the full article here.

- Another great review on Connected by TCP from iPhone Life Magazine! Here’s a great quote from reviewer Jim Karpen:

 ”I’ve now configured the LED bulbs from Connected by TCP so that my porch light and a living room light both go on about 15 minutes before the time I typically arrive home. I can’t tell you what a difference that simple thing makes — how much friendlier it makes my home feel.”

 Read the rest of his article here.

- Connected by TCP was also featured on Good Housekeeping’s website in their recent article on smart lighting. Read the article here.

Event Round Up:

Learn about our latest LED products in person at these upcoming events:

2015 DA/PRO Group Executive Planning Conference - November 18th – 20th, JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa – Palm Desert, CA

NAED Western Region Conference - January 19th – 21st, Hilton San Diego Bayfront – San Diego, CA

- Global Hospitality Expo 2015 - January 26th – 30th, American Register Company – Sheraton Hotel – Chicago, ILc

45th NEMRA Annual Conference, January 28th – 31st, Hilton San Diego Bayfront – San Diego, CA

Company News:

With the holidays right around the corner, we want to keep you posted on our schedule during this time.

Thursday, November 27th – Friday November 28th – Closed

Tuesday December 23rd – Last day of production for Make to Order items (MTO Resumes on January 5th)

Wednesday December 24th – Friday December 26th – Closed

Wednesday December 31st – Thursday January 1st – Closed

Friday January 2nd – Physical Inventory (order entry, but no shipping)

Monday January 5th – normal business resumes

For more information on TCP and LED products, follow TCP Lighting on Facebook and Twitter.

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It’s a New Season with Great Scents

Candle scents can be great to have a nice aroma in the air when family and friends come over. Whether you just want your home to smell nice, want it to smell like you have been baking all day, or just want to cover up the stink, candles can do it all. Since it is the fall season of course pumpkin is one of the top scents and to help you narrow down your decision to choose the best, The Huffington Post tested 16 Pumpkin Spice scented candles and rated them.

Pumpkin waffle candle

Here are some other fall scents that Vidette Online says are their top 5. When choosing what scent would be best for your home try not to pick a scent that is real strong, you do not want your guests to be overpowered by your home’s smell. Try to pick a scent that most people would like for example, an apple or pumpkin pie scent that does not have too much of a cinnamon blend.

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Thanksgiving Desserts

Are you looking to make a traditional dessert this Thanksgiving one that everyone will be talking about? Check out these great recipes from the Food Network and Betty Crocker.

Thanksgiving Desserts

I know that no one gets tired or pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, apple pie, and cheese cake but why not add another dessert at Thanksgiving? You never know, it may become a new family Thanksgiving tradition.

Mmmmm is anyone else’s mouth watering?

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What Side Dishes Are You Preparing?

My favorite is always mashed potatoes/cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole and of course, dessert though I don’t believe that counts. Here is a list of the top 50+ classic side dishes from the Food Network Chefs. Even better they link to the recipe!

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

So will you make something new for your Thanksgiving get together this year or stick with your traditions?

Now that the side dishes are planned we can move on to dessert!

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How Lighting Can Change Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming, which means it’s time to make sure that you are prepared for your family feast. Is your table ready, house cleaned, are your decorations out? No? We can help! For those who have chandeliers above their dining room tables we have a simple solution that can completely change the look and feel of your room; change the lighting. What type of setting do you want for your Thanksgiving feast? For more of an elegant and formal meal we recommend using flame tip or blunt tip 4100K bulbs.

Formal Thanksgiving Table



For a more relaxed setting we recommend a blunt tip shape for a deco bulb and 3000K color temperature to give off more of a warm and cozy feeling. Or, if you’re eating area has dimming capability you can dim the lights down around 80-60% to achieve a more calm and relaxed room atmosphere.

Relaxed-informal dinner table


The color temperature of your lighting changes the mood of your Thanksgiving feast. For more Thanksgiving Day tips keep checking back.

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Dress in the Right Light – Best Lighting For Your Closet

Ever leave the house to look down and unfortunately see this?


What about this?


Or this? (Kidding…kind of.)


You may be suffering from bad closet lighting.  Luckily, there are some quick and affordable fixes to help! It all comes down to choosing the right light bulb color temperature.


Here’s some quick tips to remember next time you’re in the lighting aisle:

  • Daylight Color Temperatures (5000K): these emit a bright quality light that’s designed to replicate natural outdoor daylight.
  • Types of Bulbs:
    • LED A-Lamps: Multi-purpose bulbs that resemble the traditional incandescent bulbs no longer on the market today. TCP LEDs are built to last over 18 years!
    • LED BR30: These are great for recessed lighting, similar to the closet image on the right.
    • Smart Lighting: Set timers in the morning for your lights to turn on and off with just a smartphone or remote with Connected by TCP. Available in LED A19 and BR30s – learn more here.


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