Ambient Kitchen Lighting

kitchen downlights


Ambient lighting helps light the whole room and creates a warm and inviting space. Frequently recessed downlights are used for ambient lighting because they cast soft light throughout the room. Other types of lighting that can be used are flush mount ceiling fixtures and track lighting. Downlights direct the light downward. Flush mount ceiling fixtures disperse the light in many directions. Track lighting allows you to angle or point the lighting in a specific direction or on a specific area.

Flush Mount


Over cabinet lighting can also be used to add ambient lighting into the room. Above-cabinet lighting complements the clean lines of the cabinets, draws attention to moldings, while giving the kitchen a warm glow.

above cabinet lighting


Tell us what type of lighting you use in your kitchen and stay tuned for the remaining two types of kitchen lighting!

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Importance of Kitchen Lighting

well lit kitchen


Having the right lighting in your kitchen is key for functionality and visual appeal. In a kitchen the lighting needs to be layered with task, ambient, decorative, and accent lighting. Layering the lighting will make your kitchen functional, warm and inviting, and glamorous! Today, I will cover task lighting and will cover the remaining lighting layers throughout the week.

The most important lighting for the kitchen is task lighting. Food preparation is the main purpose of the kitchen and therefore the task areas need to be well lit for ideal food preparation. Food preparation often involves the use of knives and other dangerous precision steps. Having a well lit area to perform these activities can improve your precision and reduce your chances of injury. Task lighting needs to be well thought out to make sure that no shadows are created while you are working. The main task lighting areas are countertops and less frequently used is the kitchen table.

Under cabinet counter space should be lit with under cabinet lighting. The most popular choices for under cabinet lighting are strip lights, a string of lights, and puck lighting. Under cabinet lighting helps light up the counter area and eliminates shadows that can otherwise be created with your body.

undercabinet lighting


Islands, bars and other counter space without cabinets above should be lit with pendants, track lighting, or downlights. Pendants provide task lighting while continuing the style of the room adding a decorative touch. You get the best task lighting when you space the lighting out every couple feet over the area, to reduce shadows.

Your kitchen table should also be well lit. For those that use their table to make cookies, pies or prepare other foods your table needs to have lighting similar to a task area. When it comes to light over the kitchen table many prefer more of a decorative fixture, which may not always light the space over the table the best. This is where layering the lighting comes in to help because the ambient and other lighting will help provide lighting to the table as well.

table lighting


Check back all week to learn more about the other layers of kitchen lighting.

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MR16s for Commercial Applications

Lighting is everything in retail (and most other) spaces. Everything looks better in the right light, which leads many companies to incorporate dimmable LED lighting in their stores or studios.

When you walk into a store and see that the lighting is perfectly focused on a well-dressed mannequin or is gleaming on that beautiful diamond bracelet that you now just have to buy– you may have the lighting to blame! Spot lighting applications are typically PAR or MR16 bulbs. Many commercial locations benefit from using LED lighting in these applications not only for the long life, but also the excellent color consistency, which enhances the colors of the focal point, allowing for the products to display as beautiful as possible.

Here’s some great examples of MR16 bulbs in action!




Want to hear how TCP has successfully helped commercial businesses achieve brilliant lighting? Check out this review video here.

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Modern Track Lighting

Do you have that beautiful piece of artwork that you would just love to showcase in your home? Or maybe you want to have lighting that not only sets the perfect atmosphere but also delivers light specifically where it is needed? Look no further than MR16 LED bulbs and track lighting fixtures!

Track lighting fixtures have gone through a serious upgrade since the 80’s. Here are some great examples of MR16 fixtures that have successfully transitioned into modern day, and even industrial pieces.





Already have track lighting in your home? Show us how you’ve modernized track lighting in the comments below!


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MR16 Beam Angles

A common question we receive is about beam angles. Not sure what one is right for your space? Here’s a quick lesson! MR16 reflector bulbs are available in two lens angles: 20° Narrow Flood and a 40° Flood.

beam angles


20° Narrow Flood:

Narrow beam angles are commonly used in homes to showcase an art piece. The 20-degree lens angle allows light to focus directly onto a specific area, instead of evenly distributing light throughout the room.


40° Flood:

This wide flood option will work in a variety of applications throughout your home. The 40° beam angle can be seen in various recessed lighting throughout homes and allow for an even distribution of light in a space.


Learn more about beam angles in this article from 1000Bulbs.


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TCP in the Community

Many companies participate and advocate for philanthropies that are close to home or close to heart and for TCP participating in the American Heart Association® Go Red campaign it’s both nearby and close to our hearts.  With one in three women who die of heart disease and stroke each year, the movement, Go Red seeks to provide support and call to action the power in saving lives with education, research and funding. The beginning of February marked the start of TCP’s Go Red campaign.

TCPs campaign consisted of 50/50 raffles, auctions, games, breakfast and lunch specials, bake sales, and take-home-dinners.  Everything was well executed and delicious! This year was by far one of our favorites and our desire to see an end to the number one killer in women was made evident with our $10,000 donation.*

To learn more about the American Heart Association and Go Red for women campaign, click here.

*All funds raised during the Go Red events at TCP were added to the total amount donated.

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MR16 Spot Light Bulbs

MR16s, are a reflector based light that is suited for applications that require directional lighting, such as track lights, recessed lighting and display lighting.

MR16 LED lamps are an energy efficient replacement for halogen bulbs, and use up to 85% less energy. As with other TCP LED bulbs, MR16s produce little to no heat and are designed to last up to 22 years, which make them the perfect solution for artwork that requires sensitive display lighting and areas that are difficult to reach. TCP MR16 LEDs also feature smooth, uniform dimming, letting you set the perfect mood or atmosphere.

MR16 lamps are available in a variety of bases to fit specific types of fixtures. The three options available on the market are MR16s, GU10s and PAR16s.


Want to try incorporating some MR16s into your home? You can find TCP LED MR16s at The Home Depot or

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All Things School

04091420 Saltillo High School expansion

School lighting sets the background for all the day’s highs and lows. Do you remember the first time you walked into your high school cafeteria? Did your nerves get the best of you? Where to sit, who to sit with; the pressure was definitely on for most of us. As time went on eventually you found a groove and cruised through all the ups and downs associated with being a teenager. Who was your crew? Were you one of the Jocks? Or maybe even one of the mean girls? To which ever group you were affiliated with, when you walked through those school doors it’s lights, camera action. Leave us your comments on Facebook and tell us about your school experiences, the good, bad and the ugly!

My experience went a little something like this. Enjoy!

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Commercial Vs Household Lighting Alternatives

Earlier in the week I talked about two commonly used commercial grade products that are used in schools around the country, the Linear Luminaires and HID lamps. Both give off superior color consistency, maximum light output and serve as an eco option in energy efficiency. For some who may think you can only get these qualities from a commercial product here are some comparable general purpose alternatives. Linear Luminaires are great for locations that have more length then width to them. To achieve the same affect an alternative would be the LED Dock light.

Dock lights

For those of us lucky enough to live on waterfront property this is one option you may want to consider for your home.

For HID lamps try the Compact Fluorescent version of a 300WTCPHS30LED RGB 300 equivalent.HID lamps though more energy efficient based on lumens per watt has a warm up time of several minutes and can take approximately 30+ minutes to reach full light capacity. So in turn if you are looking for an alternative that will save time this is your best option. For more details on Linear, HID and their LED and CFL alternatives visit our website. Have you seen a 300W spiral CFL in person? If not, it is a sight for soar eyes and should be considered the eighth wonder of the world. Next time you’re in your local home improvement store drop by the light bulb aisle and see if you can check one out. Tell us your thoughts on Facebook.

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Do You Know About Utility Rebates?

Did you know that you may have been taking advantage of utility rebates and not even know it? Many ENERGY STAR® certified products have utility rebates available. Check out this video to learn more about utility rebates:

ENERGY STAR® offers a list of electrical products with utility rebates, so you can make sure you are saving money on energy efficient upgrades.

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