Frightful Moments

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Something that never seems to get old during this time of year, Haunted Houses. You can get tickets just about anywhere – the drug store, livingsocial, amusement parks and more. I really enjoy Haunted Houses mostly because while I scream at the top of my lungs I’m mostly laughing the entire way through the place (more so out of the fact that I think laughing helps ward off the nightmares at night). But there’s something even scarier and funnier than me going through a Haunted House, watching the reactions of others go through a Haunted House.

Haloween reactions

So while you may have gotten a good chuckle out of these, just watch as Ellen sends her writer, Amy and producer, Andy to a Haunted House.


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Do You Know About Incandescents?

1pc frosted incandescentGovernments around the world have been phasing out incandescents since 2005, but why? Incandescents are an inefficient energy source because most of the energy that they produce is heat instead of light. Incandescent bulbs are not ideal for light fixtures that require a single point light source because they emit light in all directions, which results in wasted energy. Incandescents are also wasteful because they don’t last very long; on average only 1,000 to 2,000 hours, which encouraged some to stock up on replacement bulbs.

Many have been against the phase out because alternative options like CFLs and LEDs are more expensive and did not produce the same light quality that incandescents did in the early development of LEDs and CFLs. Like all technology, newer products have a higher cost until the market becomes saturated, improvements are made and the cost drops. Though the alternatives initial cost are still more expensive than incandescents they consume less energy, and save on your electric bill and they last 6 to 50 times longer depending on the technology. The technology has advanced and now CFLs and LEDs are available in multiple color temperatures. Others are against CFLs because they contain mercury. The mercury amount is very miniscule and contains less mercury than mercury based fever thermometers. Even if a CFL was to break open, the mercury vapor would take weeks to reach hazardous levels.

In December of 2013 the Huffington Post found that 4 out of 10 people that responded were aware of the incandescent phase out. Of those polled, 46 percent of the people that did not plan on stockpiling incandescents during the phase out were going to switch to CFLs, while 24 percent were going to go the more efficient route and use LEDs.

What did you do about the incandescent phase out? What are you currently using incandescents, CFLs, halogen, or LEDs? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook with #NoIncandescents.

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Master Pumpkin Carvers

Have you ever walked up to a house on Halloween while trick-or-treating and been amazed at the incredible pumpkin carvings the inhabitants have created? I call them, Master Carver’s. They are the people who spend hours researching a design, use 400 tools from their wood shop to kitchen utensils and manage to create the most realistic and intricate designs…on a pumpkin!  We’ve managed to scour the web to bring you the most unbelievable, mind-blowing and spook-eriffic pumpkin carvings out there!

Are you a Master Carver? Share your greatest pumpkin designs with us on Facebook and Twitter using #pumpkincarver

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Light up your holidays

Using colored lights is not a thing of the past. Each year thousands of people decorate their homes before the pitter patter and doorbell dinging of those little rascals yelling “trick-or-treat!” And today it’s even easier to get your hands on these colored LED lights for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.  Something as simple as changing out your porch light to orange to cast that festive mood. Or replacing your lamp beside the window with a green bulb and taping silhouettes on the window to ward off the ghosts and goblins.

Anything is possible with a splash of color. Check out our previous post for inspiration.

Try out all of our colors for your holiday needs, not just for Halloween but Kwanza, Hanukah, Valentine’s Day and more!

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What NOT to do on Halloween

You’re red faced and sweating but the neighbors gave in to your one-minute-after trick-or-treating officially ended handful into your pillowcase. You’re feeling on top of the world right now and ready to unload your loot on the kitchen table. You rip off your sweatshirt and mask as your mom pushes a bottle of water in your face yelling, “drink!” You look up giving your mom one of those, ‘leave me alone mom’ looks as you grab the ends of your pillowcase and dump it upside down. You wish you could record that wonderful sound of candy cascading onto the table…it was a hard two hours of running, waiting your turn on the steps and managing to say “trick-or-treat” in between breaths. As soon as the candy is out you ditch the bag and you’re pretty sure your mom will yell at you about that in about 3 seconds but you don’t care. You rummage your hands through the mounds of goodies – kit kats, nerds, lemon heads, air heads, tootsie rolls, oh my!! And just when your exuberant smile feels like its stretching beyond your ears as you make piles of your favorite candy you see it. IT! Is that what you think it is?! “No way” you yell but it’s too late it’s there, the horrific, awful and dreaded handouts. Why would someone do this?!

Don’t be the reason why a trick-or-treater has a meltdown at the end of the night. Read what the 18 most terrible things to get while trick-or-treating are and if you’re one of those people who give any of these things out I hope that my story will inspire you to go buy some Reese’s cups.

And in case you’ve never seen this before, Jimmy Kimmel does a hilarious bit on parents telling their kids they’ve eaten their Halloween candy. Don’t miss this, your abs will appreciate it.

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Behind the Scenes: Engineering Interview

Have you ever seen the show How It’s Made on the Science Channel? Well, we are going to take you behind the scenes to show you the mechanical side of engineering TCP LED bulbs and fixtures. I spoke with George, an engineering specialist, to find out about his role in the making of LED bulbs.


How did you get started in this field?

“That goes way back to vocational school, where they had a mechanical drafting program. I learned on real equipment the basics of being a draft person.”

How long have you been with TCP?

“Four years at TCP and I worked my way up with my education and experience.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Five o’clock (we laughed). No seriously, it would be the beginning of a project, because there are no rules or the rules haven’t been determined yet.”

Please explain your role in the making of LED bulbs.

“I am on the mechanical side of engineering and therefore work on the mechanical parts of the bulb (the design, but nothing electrical). I am given parameters; that is what makes it fun. My job is a little artsy and a little industrial. I have to make sure all of the electronics fit in the component. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) comes out with standards of the sizes parts need to be so the product can fit in already existing light fixtures. This helps prevent compatibility problems. ANSI’s standards give minimums and maximums to work within. I use the standards to start constructing how the product will work and how it will look. Some of the projects we just wing it because there are no  standards for that type of product. We will then go out and buy a similar product take it apart, reverse engineer it, to get measurements to use on the new product we are designing.”

Do you have a favorite project?

“They are all favorites. I do have one that I really enjoyed working on, it was a six inch ceiling can replacement.”

Keep checking back to our blog page to meet more of the TCP team and learn what they do behind the scenes to contribute to our products.


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Trick-out your lighting for Halloween

Taking your little trick-or-treater(s) to the neighborhood on the other side of town because well, we all know they give out full size candy bars? Don’t leave your house in the dark! Purchase Connected by TCP® to give you peace of mind when you’re away from your home, if only for a few hours.

The Connected by TCP Smart Lighting System allows you to personalize your lighting with automated controls such as smooth dimming, schedules, and timers that are all controlled through the TCP App. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, the quick controls make it as simple as swap, plug in, download and go!  Connected by TCP is not only easy to add up to 250 Connected bulbs, but it also utilizes energy efficient LED bulbs that are designed to last up to 22 years.

Having the unique capability to control your lighting remotely leaves you feeling safe and secure knowing that you can turn the lights on the front porch right in time for those little goblins coming to snag some candy…or maybe you want to give them a scare by remotely turning them on and off!

To learn about the ease of use, click here and for more information on TCP and LED products, follow TCP Lighting on Facebook and Twitter.

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Frightful costumes for every member for your family

So you’ve got the invite, RSVP’d to the party and you don’t have a costume. We’ve all been there. Allow me to help you decide…and end up being the talk of the night.

Cat lover?

Doggy fan?

30 minutes until you’ve got to leave…easy costumes from your closet!

Tell us which of these fun costumes are your favorite on Facebook or Twitter #favcostumes

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Connected by TCP: Ease of Use

When I think of “automated home lighting” the last words that come to mind are “easy to use”, but with the Connected by TCP® system – it really is that easy! The Connected by TCP Starter Kit comes with everything you need to control your lighting with your smartphone or tablet. Set-up is made simple because there are no wires to hook up, just replace your existing bulbs with the smart bulbs from the starter kit and plug in your gateway.

The Connected by TCP Smart Lighting System allows you to personalize your lighting with smooth dimming, schedules and timers that are all controlled through the TCP App. Connected by TCP is not only easy to add up to 250 Connected bulbs, but it also utilizes energy efficient LED bulbs that are designed to last up to 22 years. Connected by TCP also has a great support team and website to help with any issues that may arise while you are setting up your lighting system. You can visit the Connected by TCP support page here.

Connected Easy of Use

My Experience Getting Connected:

As a Connected by TCP customer myself, I admit I was a bit intimidated with setting up and using the system. Surprisingly, the most difficult task about setting up my Connected kit was deciding what room in my house I wanted to install the bulbs in! The entire install process literally took less than 10 minutes. I would definitely suggest using the walk through set-up instructions included in the Connected packaging, which can also be found here. I was even able to set my bulbs to custom timers so I no longer have to shuffle around in the dark when I get out of bed in the morning – I have my lights turn on at the exact time my alarm clock goes off in the morning for an extra push to wake up.

The true test for me was last week when I switched Internet providers, I had my entire home re-wired and was given a completely new wireless router to use. After spending at least an hour struggling through re-connecting my wireless printer, iPad, laptop and everything else in my home, it was time to re-connect my Connected bulbs. To my surprise it required no effort whatsoever! I re-connected the Connected Gateway to my router and all of my existing settings were saved and the system worked exactly like it did the day I installed it.

Whether you are looking to just lower your energy costs by having better control of your lighting, or want to secure your home with timed lighting, Connected by TCP is here to meet your needs. The options for personalizing and beautifying your entire home with Connected by TCP are endless. To learn more about Connected by TCP, visit

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New Products Released!

Two new product lines have been released!

New MR16 & High CRI

For more information on TCP and LED products, follow TCP Lighting on Facebook and Twitter.

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