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March Madness Championship in Overtime: CFLs vs. LEDs

Who will win the battle of the bulbs? Yesterday both teams played a great game, but who will win and be named the champions of 2015? Last night the game ended with the CFLs and LEDs tied 147-147.


The overtime portion of game 3 starts now… CFLs get the ball first and the shoot for a 2 pointer but the LEDs block it. The LEDs bring the ball down the court but the CFLs steal. And the CFLs go for a 3 point shot trying to use their energy efficient skills but miss. LEDs strategically make a play to shoot a 3 pointer with their more energy efficient expertise and score! With 50 seconds left will anyone else score? LEDs go for another 3 pointer and the ball doesn’t go in. Now CFLs have the ball with 10 seconds left they shoot for a 3 pointer and time runs out, will the ball make it in? And it doesn’t make it in… LEDs win the Championship in overtime!! Wow what a game!

The light bulb teams will now have another year to practice and prepare for next year’s March Madness Championship!

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Game 3 of March Madness: CFLs vs. LEDs

Yesterday we watched the CFLs take the lead and keep it the whole game when playing against the Halogens. Will they be able to have another great game against the LEDs or will the LEDs be able to show the CFLs why they have been Champions in the past? The game will begin soon so make sure you stay here for all the game highlights.


This is the game we have all been waiting for…these teams have really been preparing for today and I’m sure they will be pulling out all their tricks for this game. The first half of the game starts off with a foul by LEDs, and CFLs making both the foul shots. LEDs quickly get it back together and shoot for a 3 pointer showing off their nice round shape, and make it! I think the LEDs are going for a big push in the first half to get some distance ahead. And the LEDs make another great play getting a 2 pointer, showing they are better for the environment. But the CFLs, not backing down, use their smaller size to score a 3 point shot. Currently the score is 39-47, with LEDs in the lead. I believe the CFLs are pushing the LEDs to work even harder. LEDs using their better dimming skills make another great 3 pointer! And now we go into half time with a score of 53-67, LEDs are still in the lead.

Will the LEDs maintain their lead or will the CFLs make a big comeback? We will find out here soon in the second half. Shooting for a 3 pointer the CFLs show off their larger variety of skills, and they get it in! LEDs are not backing down and make another 3 pointer with their longer life accomplishments. CFLs are quickly working to catch up and get ahead by using their lower pricing to score another 3 pointer, though there is a foul by LEDs. CFLs miss the foul shot. Now the score is 98-103 and LEDs are still in the lead, but the CFLs are closing the gap. Both teams are really working hard and putting their all into this game. CFLs with 10 seconds left score another 3 point shot with their ability to fit all applications and they tie the game! Will the LEDs be able to break the tie and win it all before time runs out? LEDs shoot for a 2 pointer and miss. And the game ends with the LEDs and CFLs tied and the game is going to go into overtime! Wow what a game!

Stay tuned in here to TCP Network to find out who will win the championship, but for now we are going to a commercial break. We will be back tomorrow with the live report of game 3 going into overtime!

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Game 2 of March Madness: CFLs vs. Halogens

Yesterday Halogens had a close game with Incandescents, but won in the end allowing them to move on to game two. Game two the Halogens go up against CFLs. Below are the highlights of the game!


In the first half the CFLs take the lead with a 3 point shot which they made with their long lasting ability. The Halogens, trying to keep up, use their nice round incandescent shape to score a 2 pointer. The CFLs just won’t have it though, as they go for another 3 pointer using their more energy efficient expertise. The score is currently 66-43 with the CFLs in the lead. The CFLs have really been working hard this season for just this very occasion, and it is showing.

Will the Halogens be able to take the game back in the second half?

The Halogens go for a comeback as they shoot for a 3 pointer, with their lower price offerings, they score with a foul by CFLs! Will they make the foul shot? Oh…and they do! Wow, what a play by the Halogens. The score is now 83-77, CFLs are still in the lead, though the Halogens are working hard to catch up. Halogens try to make another 3 point shot with their warm color temperature, similar to that of incandescent, and they score! The Halogens could easily turn this game around. Meanwhile, the CFLs team is quickly fighting to stay in the lead, with the score being 101-98. CFLs go for a 3 pointer showing their better dimming control talents, and their abilities allow them to score. Halogens working to keep the gap small shoot for a 2 pointer and miss. The CFLs team is really pulling out all their skills and abilities to win this one, but can they remain in the lead till the end? With 30 seconds left the CFLs are working on another great play…and they score another 3 pointer with their different color temperature option cleverness. There is no coming back for the Halogens in the last 17 seconds, so it’s safe to say the CFLs have one game 2.

The final score is 132-117. CFLs will be moving on to game 3, which will start tomorrow at 1pm EST right here on TCP network. We will be covering the game live with the highlights, so make sure you’re here watching to see who wins the Championship.

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March Madness Game 1: Incandescents vs. Halogens


This week TCP will be having their own March Madness, which will consist of light bulbs taking their skills to the court to battle it out. Today’s game is between Incandescents and Halogens, stay tuned to see who wins and goes on to the second game tomorrow.


Here are the highlights of the game:

In the first half Incandescents begin by leading the way with their first 3 pointer for having the lowest price. But, the Halogens quickly make a comeback with their lower wattage/more energy efficient skills scoring a 3 pointer, bringing the score to 35-33. The Incandescents trying to grab back their lead shoot for a 3 pointer, and with their most widely recognized skillfulness. And Incandescents score with a foul by Halogens. The Incandescents make their foul shot making it a 4 point play! The first half ends with a score of 62-54, Halogens in the lead.

During the second half Incandescents take back the lead, but not for long as Halogens have the ball and shoot for a 3 pointer, oh but they miss because of a foul by Incandescents. Halogens shoot for their first free throw and miss, they make the second one though. The score is now 89-91, Incandescents in the lead. Halogens trying to make a play for the lead go for a slam dunk, and score with their closest looking alternative to an incandescent going for them. It’s been a close game and I’m really not sure who will win this. Halogens, needing 2 points to win, has the ball with 5 seconds left and they shoot for a 3 pointer and score with their longer lasting ingenuity, ending the game with a score of 112-110! And Halogens move on to tomorrow’s game!

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Wet Location Applications

Today officially starts the first day of spring!!

If you live on the East coast from the North to the South, this break in the weather is definitely warranted. As we spring into beautiful flowers and nice sunny days, rainy weather is mostly prominent this time of year. Today’s post will feature three light bulb options that will help keep your home beautiful during this transitional weather season. First up we R30will feature a couple standard outdoor light bulbs; the BR30 and the PAR38. As I explained yesterday these bulbs are some of the most common lighting options for your outdoor garage lighting and back patio floodlights.

 Next, for those of you who want a futuristic approach to your outdoor lighting Connected by TCP offer wet location home automated bulbs.

52193 CP3817LC30K CONNECTED 17W PAR38 30K BOX REVWant the convenience of setting your outdoor lights to a timer or controlling them from your smart phone?These bulbs have that capability. Learn more about Connected here.




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Wet Location Education

garage lightingAs we have learned from previous posts, there are a variety of light bulb, fixture and location options to consider when purchasing the proper lighting to meet your needs. If you have outdoor bulbs and fixtures you may have noticed that they may be labeled as either wet or damp location approved. This labeling is to further guide you in making the correct decision for your lighting locations. Light bulbs with the labeling wet location are one’s where the luminaire is subject to saturation with water or other liquids, such as in a vehicle washing area, or where the luminaire is mounted in an unprotected location and directly subjected to the weather. For many of us the most common spot for these bulbs and fixtures are on the back deck or patio, landscape lights landscape-lighting-3and over the garage lighting areas. Underground installations and installations where concrete slabs or masonry are in direct contact with the earth are also considered to be wet locations. For more information, helpful tips and suggestions on wet location lamps and fixtures visit our website.

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