Lighting for Warehouse and Storage Areas

For many businesses that house products in storage or warehouse locations, proper lighting is the key to maintaining efficiency. Not sure what LED solution will work for your space? Learn more about TCP’s line of LED Luminaires below.



TCP LED High Bays: LED High Bays are the perfect lighting solution for warehouses, manufacturing facilities or aisles with high ceilings. TCP’s High Bay is designed for spaces with ceilings heights up to 40 feet and have a long rated life of 50,000 hours.

TCP LED Low Bays: Low Bays are often used in storage, manufacturing and retail locations that have lower ceilings. TCP LED Low Bays provide exceptional lighting distribution for mounting heights up to 25 feet. Similar to the LED High Bay, Low Bays use up to 60% less energy than HID alternatives and have a rated life of 50,000 hours.

TCP LED Sky Bay: TCP’s LED Sky Bay is designed for mounting heights up to 60 feet. The LED Sky Bays consume up to 56% less energy than HID alternatives and replaces both metal halide and linear fluorescent high bay systems.

LED Sky Bay™

If you are looking to minimize your replacement and maintenance costs, look no further than the TCP LED Luminaire Line. Not only are all of TCP’s LEDs mercury free, meaning they are suitable for all environments, but they also feature excellent color consistency and CRI providing you with the best light possible for optimal performance. All of the above featured luminaires are also UL approved for damp location, meaning that these lighting fixtures will withstand humidity indoors and outdoors when protected from the elements.

Visit the TCP Website to earn more about the TCP Luminaire product line.

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Garage Lighting Tips and Tricks

Is your garage in need of some TLC? Start with the lighting! Here’s some tips to help turn your garage from dark and dreary to bright and functional.


T-8 copyMake the Switch from Fluorescent to LED: For improved energy efficiency, making the switch to LED is a simple route to take. LED tubes provide low power consumption with a longer lifespan meaning less maintenance. Another benefit of LED tubes are that they do not contain mercury and are shatter free. As many garages are typically not heated, LED tubes also perform better than the standard fluorescent bulbs in colder temperatures. TCP T8 LEDs are a direct replacement for 32W fluorescent lamps used with instant start ballasts and are designed to last a remarkable 50,000 hours.  TCP T8 LEDs can be purchased through your local lighting distributor.

Choose the Right Color Temperature: Similar to any other utility focused room in your home, (think craft spaces, offices, kitchens) your garage should have bright task lighting. Look for daylight or neutral color temperatures, which range from 4,000K to 7,200K.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.44.03 PM


Portable Lighting: Sometimes more light is needed when you are working in a hard to reach area. Keeping a few portable lighting fixtures that can easily be moved to where its needed can help save you a few trips to the hardware store to find small project pieces that may have fallen. Check your local hardware store for hanging or standing work LED lights.

Here are a few affordable solutions from Home Depot:


HDX Brand Trouble Light ($14.97) –LED A-lamp friendly!

image004Portable Lighting! Husky Brand Portable LED Work Light ($34.88)

Check back tomorrow for more home improvement tips for your garage, sheds and storage areas.

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Support your Cause with Colored Lighting!

Today we pay respect to the color orange and a few causes represented by it. All week long TCP has been opening the hearts and minds of our consumers to the various ways we can increase awareness for some of the causes we are passionate about and calls us to action.

TCP-ColoredLightBulb-Causes-orange Fri

Feeding America has taken the Hunger Awareness cause and catapulted it to a national platform. September is jam packed with awareness programs and opportunities to get involved. Be sure to save the date as September 21-25 is Hunger Awareness week and Leukemia Awareness weeks, both guaranteed to be packed full of events, activities and a plethora of volunteer opportunities.

Don’t have any ideas of what you can do in your community to help bring awareness? Check out what the Community Director of San Joaquin Multiple Sclerosis national office did to show her support for the cause. They decided to decorate the city orange!

Make sure to check out the TCP Facebook light bulb giveaway and be entered for a chance to win the TCP Lighting for a Cause color bulb giveaway. Share what other causes you are passionate about that are represented by the color orange and you could win two orange LED BR30’s or two orange LED A15’s. Good luck!

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Lighting for a Cause

In continuing with celebrating lighting for the cause, today we will shed light on the color red and its associated causes. One of the world’s most epidemic auto immune disease represented with the color red. HIV/AIDS awareness has evolved from the early 80’s, when it was first discovered. This pandemic has challenged cultures worldwide. During December a time mostly known for joy, is also the time of year when we pay homage and reflect on the importance of World AIDS Day. Whether World AIDS Day or another movement for a cause, such as, Lou Gehrig’s, The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Awareness and Heart Disease Awareness; they are all starting the conversation and bringing attention to these serious illnesses. How about the next time you do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, set the mood properly with either of our TCP red colored LED’s. Interested in something more personal for your love one’s that have been affected? Share their story with us on Facebook to enter into a chance to win two TCP red LED  Deco’s or two TCP red LED A15’s. Transitioning from causes that you inherit to causes that can be prevented, drunk driving and drug abuse positions itself firmly in the ranks of impactful causes associated with the color red.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) have both used the school education platform as their way to bring awareness to their causes. With each and every cause you can show your support and empathy for families’ near or far by visiting their website and donating to or, check out some volunteering opportunities.


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Use Color Lighting to Support your Cause


We have all decorated our homes with beautiful arrays of lighting to accentuate a room’s best features. We do this for holiday’s and parties, but how do we show our support for those we love who have been affected by an illness or disease. All week long TCP will be uncovering the various causes and their representative colors with Lighting for a Cause. Did you know that most causes are associated with a color that family members can use to show their support? Let’s look into some national awareness causes and the colors that support them.

In the month of October one awareness that we all have become passionate about is Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women and has impacted our lives or the lives of our loved one’s in some shape or form. Breast Cancer Awareness month is the platform to which doctors and industry professionals push the importance of early detection and getting a Mammogram screening. As a representation of Breast Cancer awareness many associate the color pink as an identifier of your support. During awareness month TCP offers a variety of bulb shapes in the color pink that can be used throughout the home as an additional way to represent the cause. Want to know how you can enter for a chance to win either supportive color LED’s to show support for your cause? Check out our Lighting for a cause giveaway on Facebook for all the details. The color pink does not just signify Breast Cancer Awareness it is also representative of Cleft Lip & Palate awareness. Most organizations launch a huge week of events to bring awareness to this issue. Running from May 9th -17th, awareness week for Cleft Lip & Palate should be both engaging and informative; check out their Facebook page for more information and activities you can bring to your community.

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National Police Week & Project Blue Light

Throughout the country this week, many families, organizations and businesses are supporting National Police Week. Not familiar with this national remembrance week? Here’s some history on National Police Week: In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and making the week in which that date falls as National Police Week. This national holiday pays respect to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the protection of others. Every year, law enforcement survivors and supporters gather in various events throughout the country to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to help those in need. National Police Week draws in approximately 25,000-40,000 attendees to the Nation’s Capital each year for a National Peace Officer’s Memorial Service.

Project Blue Light:

In addition to a weeklong remembrance, many local area groups have been created that support the police force year round. Project Blue Light is a national organization that supports America’s Peacekeepers by placing a symbolic blue light of peace in the windows of their homes. Project Blue Light not only honors officers killed in the line of duty, but also recognizes K9’s and officers that have passed off duty or retired. In support of Project Blue Light, TCP has continuously made donations of blue energy efficient CFL’s to Project Blue Light: Illinois.


Want to show your support for National Police Week? Swap your outdoor lights to blue. Check out blue TCP LEDs, available in-store at Wal-Mart and online at Amazon.

51299 RLAS155WBL TB render

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“Bright” Mother’s Day gift ideas

Our Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives and showing them love and appreciation on Mother’s Day is a small task for such a large gift she has provided. So how do you say Happy Mother’s Day to the mother who has everything? Seek no more. I’ve compiled a few fun and lighting appropriate gifts for those you call mom this holiday.

1. Flameless taper candles

candleMy mother loves to entertain and that means setting a beautiful tablescape. With these flameless taper candles Mom can decorate her table without fearing hot wax dripping on the table cloth or worse, a fire. via



2. Connected by TCPCCG2LD11B TCP_CONNECTED_2pk_Alamp wired gateway kit_open

Everyone can use this product in order to automate their lighting and set unique control settings and Mom’s will love it that they can keep the light on for themselves or the ones they love

The Connected system is the highest rated lighting automation system on the market, and is available to purchase through both Amazon and The Home Depot today (with free shipping, too!).

3. Outdoor decorative string lights

string lights

Recreate a Tuscan night under the stars for that special “mom” in your life with gorgeous string lights – make some bruschetta, homemade pasta and a delicious cannoli! These days you can find them in all different styles, colors and lengths.  via

4. ColorSpree

For the free spirited and fun loving Mom, ColorSpree makes the perfect addition to any home. Bluetooth compatible for more smart lighting control, this decorative bulb has the ability to transform a space into any color in the RGB spectrum. It can even change colors on the beat of your favorite song!


*Look for this to be released soon!

Whatever you decide to get your ‘Mother’ this year (wife, godmother, or anyone else who has been a Mom to you), know that they are endless options out there to express your love and affection. Make sure to share your love on our Facebook page for a chance to‪ ‎win‬ a Connected by TCP Smart Lighting starter kit!

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